Helping to create a sustainable society

Climate change. Labor shortages. An aging population. Natural disasters. These are just some of the many challenges our society faces today. It is Fukunishi Electrical’s mission to solve these challenges with the power of electronics, making life safer and more comfortable and helping to deliver a better future.Each day we work to create a brighter society.


Helping to build more advanced energy-efficient systems

Fukunishi Electrical is helping to solve climate change and many other environmental challenges faced by our customers by providing energy-efficient electrical equipment and components. And our aid doesn’t stop at just swapping parts. Fukunishi Electrical is helping customers take their green initiatives to the next level by offering optimum solutions that include support for building environmental management systems.

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Building the foundation of a safe, secure society for all

A stable supply of electrical power as well as the infrastructure to use it are essential elements of modern society. Fukunishi Electrical helps make life safer and more secure by providing storage systems and by building power supply boards that meet the needs and challenges of offices, factories, residences, and other buildings. Through solutions leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and other robots; AI; and IoT, we are also providing answers to social issues like labor shortages and an aging population, and helping society adapt to new working styles and other changes.

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In accordance with the Panasonic Group Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Policy, Fukunishi Electrical strives to build a workplace in which all employees can be both physically and mentally healthy in their jobs and fully express their unique talents and personalities. Fukunishi Electrical will be working to further its diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, including establishing a DEI Promotion Office. Further, we value dialogue with our labor union as our counterpart in our endeavors, and are laying the foundations for a more pleasant workplace by building a healthy relationship between management and labor.

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View the Panasonic Group Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Policy

Risk Management
and Compliance

Building a trusted corporate
foundation and ensuring stable business operations

As a member of the Panasonic Group, Fukunishi Electrical engages in sound business activities in accordance with the Panasonic Group Code of Ethics & Compliance. Fukushima Electrical educates all employees on this policy and follows it thoroughly to build a trustworthy business foundation. We also engage in risk assessment and aim to maintain stable business operations through means that include periodic revision of our business continuity plan.

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