Environmental Policy

Fukunishi Electrical’s Environmental Policy

Basic Principles

Based on the ideals of better products, better information, and better dialogue, Fukunishi Electrical will contribute to the improvement of public welfare, life, and culture through all our business activities, including the sale and distribution of materials for electrical equipment, electronic components, factory automation equipment, housing facilities, and processed goods relating to the same. Further, Fukunishi Electrical understands that it is our social duty to leave a healthy environment for the next generation, and we will make every effort to realize a sustainable society that balances social and economic development with the conservation of the global environment.

Action Guidelines

  1. Understand the environmental impact of our business activities and strive to preserve the environment and prevent pollution.
  2. Observe all environmental laws and regulations as well as agreements and standards which Fukunishi Electrical has endorsed.
  3. Make use of an environmental management system, set environmental goals, periodically revise the same, and strive for continuous improvement.
  4. Through such means as proposing environmental management systems, promote initiatives aimed at energy efficiency, resource conservation, green procurement, proper waste disposal and reduction, and recycling to create a recycling-oriented society and preserve biodiversity.
  5. Strive to sell and provide information on products and components that have a reduced environmental impact such as those involving renewable energy.
  6. Provide education and training to all employees to promote environmentally-conscious business activities.
  7. Educate all persons who work at or for Fukunishi Electrical of this Environmental Policy. In addition, publish this Environmental Policy on the Fukunishi Electrical website and make physical copies available as needed to stakeholders.
The certification covers our head office only.

Hisashi Hori
President, Fukunishi Electrical Co., Ltd.
April 1, 2024